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Welcome to Tools for COBOL programmers.

In this site you will find information about all programs that we have.

All our products are focused to accelerate the development in Cobol.

COBVIEW Print Suite

The COBVIEW Comercial version is now called COBVIEW Print Suite, because include several tools in a complete program to print since COBOL.

COBVIEW Develper

It's or new tool that was incorporated with our suite for work with Reports.
Contains a Report Designer, in addition include the COBVIEW Viewer.
This COBVIEW version is distributable with your applications in free way.


Ever, since it born has been and it continue FREE, with out paid any licence, only in the version 2.00.
This program can be downloaded and used in your applications, as much for use in Personal, Academic or Commercial applications.


This program allow us to run programs over internet, to build true Web Applications and return HTML content with COBOL programs.
It's not only a CGI wrapper, is a complete Webserver build exclusively for work with COBOL, since it allow us generate HTML content running our COBOL programs and return the HTML to the Internet browser.
Too is possible return our COBOL reports in PDF format with a special COBVIEW version for COBHTTPD.


With this program we can send Emails on internet to any email account. This way we can add a better comercial power to our COBOL applications.
The email format can be in Text plain or HTML content, include images, and attach external files.

All this generating only a small text file with a special TAGS, very seemed to COBVIEW format.
In the Programs section you can download a Demo version, with samples and documentation for test this progam.


COBTOOLS always listens all type of suggestions, as well like requests for new functions in our tools or applications.
For this reason we make available the Suggestions Form, for maintain contact with our development group, and thus be able to cause that our services and products be better every time.


Like ever we have maintained direct bonding with our customers and end users, notifiying of new versions, improvements or updates.
Now the subscription in our bulletin is optional, the downloads can be made without any register type, if you want to stay informed over the changes that we make over our programs please register your information, is easy and fast.

Published: July ,18 2007, 12:44 Posted by: Admin

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